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SETIS - SET Plan information system
SET Plan progress report 2022

The report has been published

What is SETIS? 

The Strategic Energy Technology Information System (SETIS) website is the open-access information, knowledge management and dissemination system for the European strategic energy technology plan (SET Plan). It is managed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission.  

SETIS helps implement the SET Plan and accounts for its progress and achievements through the monitoring progress report - released yearly during the SET Plan Conference.  

What is the SET Plan?

The (SET) Plan aims to achieve the EU’s energy and climate goals and make Europe a global leader in clean energy and energy efficiency technologies. 

The plan does this by: 

  • helping to coordinate national research and innovation (R&I) activities in developing low-carbon energy among EU Member States and 4 associated countries (Norway, Iceland, Turkey and Switzerland)  

  • aligning national R&I programmes with its agenda.   


It is becoming more crucial that public and private investments are channelled towards the technologies needed for the energy transition. The SET Plan steps up cooperation between governments, industry and research institutes to leverage the use of R&I funding schemes for clean energy.  

The Clean Energy Transition Technologies and Innovations Report and the national energy and climate plans set out the policies and financial measures that EU countries will take to reach the climate and energy targets.  

The R&I community has been asked to cooperate so as to ensure: 

  • the upscaling of these technologies 

  • that there is rapid and efficient uptake in the market, helped by innovative regulatory and financial schemes.  

The SET Plan roadmap


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