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SETIS - SET Plan information system

Clean Energy Technology Observatory (CETO)

CETO reports 2024

The 2024 reports are available for download on the CETO 2024 reports page.

CETO reports 2023

The 2023 reports are available for download on the CETO 2023 reports page.

CETO reports 2022

The 2022 reports are available for download on the CETO 2022 reports page.


To address the complexity and multi-faced character of the transition towards a climate neutral EU, the European Commission has set up the Clean Energy Technology Observatory (CETO). This is a common initiative between the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, implementing the observatory, its Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and Directorate-General for Energy, which offer their support on the policy side.

CETO monitors the EU research and innovation activities on clean energy technologies, building on the previous work of the Low Carbon Energy Observatory.  A major goal is to provide a repository of techno- and socio-economic data on the most relevant technologies and their integration in the energy system. CETO targets in particular the status and outlook for innovative solutions and the sustainable market uptake of both mature and emerging technologies. The resulting evidence-based analysis underpins the Annual Progress Report on Competitiveness of Clean Energy Technologies (CPR) under the annual State of the Energy Union Report, as well as supporting the implementation of the SET Plan and research policy development.

The observatory issues a series of annual reports addressing the following themes: technology maturity status, development and trends, value chain analysis, global market and EU positioning, along with clean technology system integration.


11 MAY 2022
CETO introduction