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Strategic Energy Technologies Information System

The Information System for the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan)      

The European Strategic Energy Technology (SET)-Plan aims to transform energy production and use in the EU with the goal of achieving EU worldwide leadership in the production of energy technological solutions capable of delivering EU 2020 and 2050 targets. The move towards a low-carbon Europe requires innovative research, effective strategic planning and an emphasis on timely and appropriate action.

SETIS highlights

SET-Plan conference 2014

The Commissioner of ENEA, Federico Testa, and the Italian Ambassador in Belgium, Alfredo Bastianelli, presented on the 13th of October in Brussels the 7th Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET- Plan) Conference, which will take place in Rome on the 10th and 11th December2014.

The JRC reports on the European marine energy innovation landscape

The JRC has published a report looking at the marine energy technology innovation landscape from the European perspective. The study looks at the development and uptake of innovation activities in the field of marine energy, with particular focus on the innovation and development activities of wave and tidal energy.

Materials Information System (MIS) hosted by SETIS

A Materials Information System (MIS) has been developed that provides the user with all the necessary background information on materials used in low-carbon energy technologies, as well as a comprehensive library of relevant references and literature. The goal of MIS, is to provide information about the materials used in the SET-Plan technologies