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SETIS - SET Plan information system
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Smart Grids Laboratories Inventory 2015


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1. ledna 2015
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Společné výzkumné středisko


A smart electricity grid opens the door to a myriad of new applications aimed at enhancing security of supply, sustainability and market competitiveness. Gathering detailed information about smart grid laboratories activities represents a primary need. In order to obtain a better picture of the ongoing Smart Grid developments, after the successful smart grid project survey initiated in 2011, we recently launched a focused on-line survey addressed to organisations owning or running Smart Grid laboratory facilities.

The main objective is to publish aggregated information on a regular basis in order to provide an overview of the current facilities, to highlight trends in research and investments and to identify existing gaps. (http://ses.jrc.ec.europa.eu/)

Smart Grids Laboratories Inventory 2015


29. LEDNA 2021
Smart Grids Laboratories Inventory 2015
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