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PV Status Report 2013


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1. ledna 2013
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Photovoltaics is a key technology option for implementing the shift to a decarbonised energy supply. Solar resources in Europe and across the world are abundant and cannot be monopolised by one country. Regardless of how fast oil prices and energy prices increase in the future, and the reasons behind the increases, photovoltaics and other renewable energies are the only ones offering a stabilisation or even a reduction in prices in the future.In 2012, PV industry production increased again but more modestly than previous years, increasing by around 10 % and reaching a worldwide production volume of about 38.5 GWp of photovoltaic modules. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the last decade was about 55 %, which makes photovoltaics one of the fastest growing industries at present. 

PV Status Report 2013


27. LEDNA 2021
PV Status Report 2013
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