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Post-Fukushima Analysis of HR Supply and Demand

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1. januar 2015
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In the framework of EHRO-N mission to provide qualified data on human resources needs in the nuclear field within the European, this report explores the effects on Human Resources Supply and Demand after the accident at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. The event has raised concerns about the future of the nuclear industry globally. Before this analysis, no comprehensive picture on the demand/supply of nuclear HR was available for the whole European Union. Apart from a few countries, such as Finland, UK, France, etc., who have monitored their national nuclear workforce through comprehensive surveys, the availability of data varies, indeed, from country to country. A comparison based on data available with previous report has been made.

Post-Fukushima Analysis of HR Supply and Demand


28. JANUAR 2021
Post-Fukushima Analysis of HR Supply and Demand
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