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Specific report

Bioenergy in the European Union


Publication date
25 October 2023
Joint Research Centre


Bioenergy plays an important role for EU energy security, especially now when facing high- prices and supply risks. Despite certain environmental concerns and trade-offs, bioenergy provides flexible power generation and the potential for negative emissions through carbon capture and storage. Biomethane is key to diversify the EU gas supplies, while solid and other gaseous bioenergy carriers are still the best solution in decentralized applications (e.g. pellet stoves). EC reinforced the legislative framework setting more ambitious targets for the use of renewable energy and reinforced sustainability requirements. Today biomethane is still the most promising alternative to decarbonize industry and domestic applications (or, transports) in the short term.

Bioenergy in the European Union


24 OCTOBER 2023
Bioenergy in the European Union
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