Strategic Energy Technologies Information System

Batteries for e-Mobility and Stationary Storage (ongoing work)

What methodology has been used for the technology maps?

SETIS has developed a common assessment framework that treats each technology objectively on a transparent and agreed basis. This assessment framework is the supporting analytical tool for the Technology maps and will evolve as additional needs arise.

For this purpose, SETIS has developed methodologies:

  • to quantify the effects of the penetration of the different technologies considered in the Technology maps on the EU energy policy goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, secure energy supply and foster economic competitiveness
  • to calculate the current and future production costs of electricity and heat from
    state-of-the-art facilities throughout their lifetime.

In addition, SETIS is currently performing a systemic analysis based on the POLES (Prospective Outlook for the Long term Energy System) model to simulate the effect of the SET-Plan in the power sector up to 2030 that will be released in the up-coming 2009 edition of the Technology Maps due by the end of the year.

The main criteria used by SETIS for the selection and development of its tools are the following:

  • capacity to analyse under a common frame a diverse and large technology portfolio,
  • transparency and availability of the models and tools used,
  • recognised scientific robustness and existence of an active community of users in Europe,
  • facilitating the integration of SETIS approaches with Member States