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Specific report

Systematic mapping of power system models


Publication date
1 January 2017
Joint Research Centre


Power system models can provide evidence to support policy-making at European Union, Member State and Regional level. As a consequence of the growth in computing power, mathematical models for power systems have become more accessible. The number of models available worldwide, and the degree of detail they provide, is growing fast. A proper mapping of power system models is therefore essential in order to 1) provide an overview of power system models and their applications available in, or used by, European organisations; 2) analyse their modelling features; and 3) identify modelling gaps.

An online survey was used to collect detailed and relevant information about power system models. The survey, conducted by the Knowledge for the Energy Union Unit of the JRC, comprised a set of questions for each model to ascertain its basic information, its users, software characteristics, modelling properties, mathematical description, policy-making applications, selected references, and more. The survey campaign was organised in two rounds between April and July 2017. 228 surveys were sent to power system experts and organisations, and 82 questionnaires were completed. The answers were processed to map the knowledge objectively.

Few reviews have been conducted to date of the power system modelling landscape. This report therefore constitutes 1) a useful mapping exercise that could help promote knowledge-sharing and thus increase efficiency and transparency in the modelling community, and 2) a useful blueprint to be adopted for similar mapping exercises in other thematic areas.

Systematic mapping of power system models


Systematic mapping of power system models