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Materials Roadmap

The materials roadmap presented in this document complements and expands the technology roadmaps developed in the context of the SET-Plan as the basis for its implementation. It puts forward key materials research and innovation activities to advance energy technologies for the next 10 years. It serves as a pragmatic guide for research and development activities in the field of materials for energy applications for both the European Union's research and innovation programme and Member State programmes.

The materials roadmap addresses the technology agenda of the SET-Plan by proposing a comprehensive European programme on materials research and innovation enabling low carbon energy technologies for the next 10 years. Its starting point is the sector's ambitions and technology challenges addressed in the SET-Plan initiatives (European Industrial Initiatives - EIIs- and European Energy Research Alliance - EERA).

Materials Roadmap
Materials for Low carbon Technologies (June 2013)
Concentrating Solar Power
Energy efficient materials for buildings
Carbon Capture and Storage Fossil Fuels
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Nuclear Energy
Photovoltaic Technology
Wind Energy