Strategic Energy Technologies Information System

Energy Efficiency in the Pulp and Paper Industry

SETIS Output

SETIS Output

SETIS publishes a number of regularly updated key references on the state of low carbon technology, research and innovation in Europe. SETIS also publishes the outcome of targeted workshops and hearings, as well as summaries of progress on a number of joint research initiatives.

  • The Technology Map is the SET-Plan reference document on the state of knowledge on low carbon technology in Europe. It presents a assessment of the state of the art in low-carbon energy technologies, current and estimated future market penetration, the ongoing and planned R&D and demonstration efforts to overcome technological barriers, and reference values for their operational and economic performance.

  • The Capacities Map reports aim to provide a rough estimate of the current corporate and public research and development (R&D) investments in low-carbon energy technologies in the EU. They help to plan future R&D investments needed to address the key technology challenges identified by the SET-Plan.

  • The Materials Roadmap expands the technology roadmaps that underpin implementation of the SET-Plan. It puts forward key materials research and innovation activities to advance energy technologies for the next 10 years.

  • The SET Plan Roadmap on Education and Training addresses the human resource challenge for the energy research and innovation sector and constitutes an integral part of the SET Plan agenda. It puts forward recommendations for key education and training activities to advance the provision of adequate human capital and to assist the development of the necessary cooperation frameworks among academia, research institutes and business.

  • Studies and reports from the EC’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) on specific subjects of direct relevance to the SET-Plan and its implementation.

  • Workshops & Hearings organised by the SETIS group.

  • The Energy Technology Reference Indicators (ETRI) provide independent and up-to-date cost and performance characteristics of the present and future European energy technology portfolio, to complement the Technology Map of SETIS. The reports provide techno-economic data projections such as capital and operating costs, thermal efficiencies and technical lifetimes, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumptions etc.