Strategic Energy Technologies Information System

European Initiative on Smart Cities

List of Acronyms

€                              Euro

BERD                        BusinessExpenditures on R&D

BES                          BusinessEnterpriseSector

bn                            billion

CCS                          Carbondioxide capture and storage

CSP                          ConcentratingSolar Power

DG RTD                     Directorate-General forResearch

DG TREN                   Directorate-General Energyand Transport

DG                            Directorate-General(of the European Commission)

DoE                          Departmentof Energy (USA)

EC                            EuropeanCommission  

EII                            EuropeanIndustrial Initiative

EMEA                        Europe,Middle East and Africa

EPIA                         EuropeanPhotovoltaic Industry Association

ERA-NET                   EuropeanResearch Area Networks

ERMINE                    Electricity Research RoadMap in Europe (FP6 project)

EU or EU-27             EuropeanUnion

EWEA                       EuropeanWind Energy Association

FP                            FrameworkProgramme

FP6                          6thResearch Framework Programme

GBAORD                   GovernmentBudget Appropriations or Outlays on R&D

GDP                         GrossDomestic Product

GEN-IV                    GenerationIV nuclear reactors 

H2/FC                      Hydrogenand Fuel Cells

ICB                          IndustryClassification Benchmark

IEA                          InternationalEnergy Agency

IPTS                        Institutefor Prospective Technological Studies (of the JRC)

ITER                        InternationalThermonuclear Experimental Reactor

JRC                         JointResearch Centre (of the European Commission)

JTI                          Joint TechnologyInitiative

m                            million

MEEDDAT               Ministère de l'écologie, de l'énergie, du développement durable et de l'aménagement du territoire (France)

METI                       Ministryfor Economy, Trade and Industry (Japan)

MS                          Member Stateof the European Union

NACE                      StatisticalClassification of Economic Activities

NNE                        Non-nuclearEnergy

OECD                     Organisationfor Economic Co-operation and Development

PV                          Photovoltaic

R&D                       Researchand Development

RD&D                     Research,Development and Demonstration

RTD                        ResearchTechnology Development

SETIS                     Strategic EnergyTechnology Plan Information System

SET-Plan                (European)Strategic Energy Technology Plan

SME                       Smalland Medium Sized Enterprises      

SRS NET & EEE      ScientificReference System on new energy technologies, energyend-use efficiency and energy RTD (FP6 project)

TP                         TechnologyPlatform