Strategic Energy Technologies Information System

European Initiative on Smart Cities


IPTSprepared this report in support of the EC Communication on Financing Low-CarbonTechnologies. The report clearly benefited from the close collaboration withIñigo Sabater (DG TREN), Glyn Evans, Kalliopi Kalesi, and Thomas Schubert (DGRTD). Angel Perez Sainz and Simon Webster (DG RTD) provided substantial inputsto the sections on nuclear fission and fusion.

Theauthors would like to thank Alberto Caceres (Company Reporting) for the supplyof data on industrial R&D investments, Gabriella Nemeth for the support inassessing public R&D investments and Amrie Landwehr (JRC IPTS) for thepatent analysis.

AntonioSoria, Gerard Carat, Jan Nill, Xabier Goenaga (JRC IPTS), Estathios Peteves,Arnaud Mercier, Evangelos Tzimas, Arnulf Jäger-Waldau, Nigel Taylor, KarlFredrik Nilsson, Jean-Francois Dallemand and Marc Steen (JRC-IE) as well asother JRC colleagues helped the authors greatly at different stages of theproject.

Theauthors are particularly grateful for the helpful comments on various versionsof the report and for data on CSP-related R&D investments from MarianneHaug (Universität Hohenheim and Chair of the Advisory Group Energy to theEuropean Commission).

MemberStates were invited to provide comments on the report as well as additionalinformation in the context of the SET-Plan Steering Group. Substantial inputswere received from a number of Member States, which helped in improving thedatabase on public R&D investment. Also a number of companies and industryassociations delivered information on their R&D investments and providedfurther comments, which formed essential inputs to the report. The authorswould like to thank all experts involved in these processes for theircontributions.

For thefruitful exchange on other approaches the authors wouldlike to thank Michele de Nigris and Ezio Cereda (ERMINE project), John Psarras(SRS NET&EEE project) and Ben Beiny and Florian Schlehuber (New Energy Finance). Theauthors would like to thank Richard Lavergne (MEEDDAT/CGDD) for discussions onpublic R&D budgets and Karen Treanton and Peter Taylor (IEA) for their clarificationson the IEA RD&D statistics.

The work underlying this report waspartially funded through the FP6 project 'Emerging Thematic Strategies inEnergy Research' (ETSER).