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Energy Efficiency in the Pulp and Paper Industry

The role of the European Technology and Innovation Platforms (ETIPs)

Mon 5 Oct 2015
On 5 October, the European Commission organised a meeting with the original SET Plan stakeholders (European Industrial Initiatives –EIIs-, European Technology Platforms –ETPs-, European Energy Research Alliance –EERA- and the European Platform of Universities engaged in Energy Research, Education and Training –EPUE-) in order to inform them about the new SET Plan governance structure and get their feedback.
55 participants attended the meeting, covering all invited SET Plan structures.
The meeting was chaired by Stathis Peteves (HoU, JRC.F6). Andreea Strachinescu (HoU, ENER.C2), Gwennaël Joliff-Botrel (HoU, RTD.G1), and Paul Verhoef (HoU, RTD.G3) presented the context of the Integrated SET plan Communication, the proposed new governance model and process for implementation.