Become an active partner in European energy R&I

Become an active partner in European energy R&I

We invite you to register your organisation and indicate your area of activity in a Europe-wide database of organisations (universities, research institutes, companies, public institutions and associations) involved in research and innovation activities in the energy field. This database aims at facilitating partnerships and collaboration across Europe.

Registration is open to stakeholders from the EU and H2020 associated countries, who are invited to indicate their area of activity according to the energy system challenges and themes, as identified in the SET-Plan process towards an Integrated Roadmap and Action Plan.

This information will become publicly available in this database.

The European R&I landscape database is meant to include information about organisations, rather than about the individuals representing them, hence the JRC, in principle, does not process any personal data in this context. We would therefore appreciate if you refrain from submitting personal data. Please do NOT indicate personal e-mail addresses (such as, personal telephone number or other information allowing for indirect identification of an individual. By registering your details, you agree to their inclusion and publication in the database which will become publically available on-line (including the personal data provided, despite the above instructions - Privacy statement).

For any inquiries please contact SETIS

After registration

Thank you for registering to the Integrated Roadmap R&I Energy Landscape database!

The information you submitted will become available once processed by SETIS.

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