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Towards an Integrated Roadmap

Towards an Integrated Roadmap

The Integrated Roadmap together with the Action Plan are the first key actions of the European Commission’s Communication on Energy Technologies and Innovation, COM(2013)253.

The aim of the Integrated Roadmap, in the current context of the EU's energy policy developments, is to consolidate the updated technology roadmaps of the SET Plan and propose research and innovation actions designed to facilitate integration along four axes:

  • the innovation chain, covering from basic research to demonstration and support for market roll-out;
  • the value chain, according to the industrial capacities and innovation potential of the various supply chains; 
  • the EU dimension, achieving replication of solutions in different climate and geographic contexts across Europe;
  • and the energy system, fulfilling the societal needs in a competitive, secure, efficient, and sustainable way.

Stakeholders' consultation

The process for the development of the Integrated Roadmap was co-led by DG ENER, DG RTD and DG JRC. It has involved more than 150 stakeholders, who under the guidance of the SET Plan Steering Group have provided their inputs.

Eight meetings were organized in Brussels, between September 2013 and February 2014, with the Coordination Group and its Working Group for proposing and drafting the research and innovation actions in areas such as energy efficiency, competitive efficient secure sustainable and flexible energy system, fostering innovation in real environments and through a market driven framework and cross-cutting aspects).


Available documents

The stakeholder contributions address the integration energy system Challenges defined by the SET Plan SG; these are grouped under Themes for each Challenge identified by the SET-Plan Steering Group (EC and MSs), to meet the three overarching energy policy objectives: security of supply, competitiveness and sustainability. They are consistent with the various scenarios for the evolution of the European energy system in the medium and long term (2050) and with national roadmaps.

The consolidated inputs by the stakeholders (Annex I: Parts I, II, III and IV) have been discussed by the SET-Plan Steering Group during meetings organized in Brussels, on 14 October and 13 November, 2014. The EC has drafted an overview document "Towards an Integrated Roadmap: Research Innovation Challenges and Needs of the EU Energy System" that has been reviewed and complemented with comments by the SET-Plan Steering Group. It will be the basis for the development of an Action Plan, together with the Member States.

JRC/SETIS was in charge of the operational and scientific management of this process.

The overview document was the main focus of the 7th SET-Plan conference that took place in Rome on 10-11 December 2014.