Strategic Energy Technologies Information System

EII Implementation Plans

The following elements are included in the EII Implementation Plans:

  • Taking into account the present technology, and projects financed by the EU and Member States, identify the priority actions to move towards the objective / milestone;
  • Estimate the budgets, the European added-value of the actions and the risk involved by the different actions;
  • Identify the existing available public and private financial sources;
  • Identify the needed actors and potential countries to finance the actions;
  • Define Key Performance Indicators;
  • Estimate the contribution of the identified priority actions towards the 2020 objectives/milestones;
  • Identify possible links with joint programmes of the EERA.

These documents therefore outline the actions that should be launched in the first phase of the Technology Roadmap. Further to that, it provides an indication of relevant key performance indicators (KPIs), an analysis of the EU added value of each project as well as an indication of relevant budgets and available funding schemes (EU or national).