Strategic Energy Technologies Information System


In parallel with the EIIs, the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) has been working since 2008 to align individual research organisation R&D activities to the needs of the SET-Plan priorities, and to establish a joint programming framework at EU level.

EERA helps to optimise EU energy research capabilities through the sharing of national facilities and the joint realisation of Member State and European programmes. It also intends to accelerate the development of new low-carbon technologies.

The high-level objectives of the Alliance are:

  • To accelerate the development of new energy technologies by conceiving and implementing Joint Programmes of research in support of the SET-Plan priorities;
  • Work towards a long-term integration of pan-European energy research infrastructures;
  • Strengthen Europe’s capacity to initiate and execute large precompetitive high-risk high-gain research and development programmes;
  • Develop links and sustained partnerships with industry;
  • Develop training, education and outreach activities for new researchers and professionals in strategic energy sectors.