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SETIS - SET Plan information system
Meddelelse30 Oktober 2020Det Fælles Forskningscenter

SET Plan annual progress report 2019 published

The SET Plan has confirmed its role as the key EU energy research and innovation initiative that serves the Energy Union goals and delivers the innovations necessary to achieve the European transition to climate-neutrality by 2050.

SET Plan report 2019 cover

It has put forward a dedicated vision for each technology area by setting ambitious targets to be reached in the next decade(s) with the overall goal to place Europe at the forefront of the next generation of low-carbon energy technologies and of energy efficiency. For each of these technology areas, Implementation plans have been developed that facilitate the meeting of these targets. The 14 Implementation plans cover all the Energy Union Research & Innovation priority areas and the SET Plan 10 actions. They were endorsed by the SET Plan Steering Group1 and the European Commission in 20182


In order to execute the Research & Innovation activities presented in the Implementation plans, interested SET Plan countries, and relevant industrial and research stakeholders have formed Implementation working groups (IWG). These groups have the task to advance the respective Implementation plans, reaching collectively the agreed technology targets. AGENDA 233 calls for “each IWG to develop a working methodology based on indicators to monitor the progress of actions under the Implementation plans and feeding the relevant information to the Strategic Energy Technologies Information System (SETIS).” 


SETIS has created a reporting methodology to facilitate this process, based on templates that have been presented in the 12th SET Plan conference in Bucharest and subsequently validated by the Steering Group members. Following a workshop dedicated to this process, the IWGs have been requested to complete these templates, provided by SETIS, which form the basis of the pilot “2019 SET Plan progress report”. 


This publication, released during the 13th SET Plan conference in Helsinki, offers a concise overview of this pilot phase of the SET Plan monitoring process, presenting the state of the implementation of the SET Plan based on the inputs from the SET Plan IWGs. 


Download the report here.

Find previous SET Plan annual progress reports here.


(1) With the exception of the Nuclear safety Implementation plan that was endorsed by BE, CH, CZ, ES, FI, FR, HR, HU, IT, LT, NL, PL, RO, SI, SK, TR and UK. 




30 Oktober 2020
Det Fælles Forskningscenter