Strategic Energy Technologies Information System

Education & Training Roadmap

The SET Plan has recognised that one of the key elements in supporting energy technology innovation at EU level is the availability and mobilisation of appropriately skilled human resources. The energy sector is an evolving field which creates new job opportunities but at the same time requires the development of new skills and competences. The challenges for the education and training institutions and their legal frameworks will be to ensure a workforce flow of researchers, engineers and technicians who are able to generate new knowledge and to meet the requirements of evolving technologies and labour markets. In parallel, training for managers and decision-makers in the field is needed to design and implement appropriate frameworks for the development and deployment of new energy solutions.

The SET Plan Roadmap on Education and Training addresses the human resource challenge for the energy research and innovation sector and constitutes an integral part of the SET Plan agenda. It puts forward recommendations for key education and training activities to advance the provision of adequate human capital and to assist the development of the necessary cooperation frameworks among academia, research institutes and business.

The Annex of the report, Assessment of the Expert Working Groups, can be downloaded here.