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SETIS Magazine

SETIS Magazine

The SETIS magazine covers the latest developments in low-carbon energy technologies, focusing on research and innovation efforts, and policies supporting the implementation of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan).
Stakeholders and European Commission services are invited to contribute to articles and/or interviews offering their expert view on the key developments, opportunities and challenges that the energy sector is facing in making the transition towards a carbon-neutral society. The magazines also report the latest news on the implementation of the Integrated SET Plan.

The latest SETIS Magazine

October 2019

This edition of SETIS Magazine takes a closer look at the current status of the EU building stock and its future evolution. It discusses the energy transformation of Europe’s buildings, along with the challenges and policy actions ahead. We bring together experts from the research and policy communities to discuss the most relevant and pressing issues on energy efficiency in buildings today. Their input sheds light on the question: What is the potential contribution of buildings in the transition to climate neutrality in 2050?

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