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SETIS Magazine

SETIS launches a new magazine quarterly, each issue is dedicated to a different low-carbon energy technology or relevant aspects of the sector. It covers the latest developments in the subject in question. Relevant personalities are invited to write articles outlining the main challenges and priorities facing their sectors, and interviews are conducted with key representatives from the related topic. The magazines also include a SET Plan news section detailing the last developments to achieve the Integrated SET Plan objectives, and European Commission services and/or relevant organizations/institutions are invited to provide a foreword that highlights the main policy developments on the subject.

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October 2018

Policy makers are increasingly interested in the water-energy nexus. Significant amounts of water are used for extracting and transforming energy; and energy is used for collecting, pumping, treating and desalinising water. This interdependence implies that the management of energy and water should be addressed simultaneously, in order to increase energy efficiency in the water sector and reduce the water footprint of the energy industries.

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