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SETIS Magazine

SETIS Magazine

SETIS launches a new magazine quarterly, each issue is dedicated to a different low-carbon energy technology or relevant aspects of the sector. The SETIS magazines cover the latest developments in the subject in question. Keynote speakers are invited to write guest editorials outlining the main challenges and priorities facing their sectors, and interviews are conducted with key players from the pertinent topic. The magazines also include a SET Plan update detailing the actions taken to achieve the Integrated SET Plan objectives for the relevant sector.

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May 2018

Digitalising the energy sector is crucial for the EU since it enables energy consumers to be at the centre and contributes to a new design for the energy markets. Digitalisation provides new opportunities for suppliers by optimising their valuable assets, integrating renewable energies from variable and distributed resources, and reducing operational costs; at the same time, it favours consumers by reducing the energy bills for citizens and enterprises, through energy efficiency and participation in mechanisms of flexible demand. For these reasons, it stands as a pivotal element in the further evolution of smart cities and communities.

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