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The Covenant of Mayors: Evaluation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans from Eastern Partnership and Central Asian countries

Out of 5600 Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) submitted to the Covenant of Mayors, about 100 SEAPS come from local authorities in Eastern Partnerships and Central Asian countries (CoM East). This report presents the results of the in depth evaluation of 14 SEAPs from CoM East countries, aimed at identifying good practices, but also weaknesses and challenges.
The analysis has generally revealed a good compliance with the key commitments, in terms of definition of the target by 2020, calculation of the emission inventory, and definition of actions in the key sectors of activity. Aspects related to governance (e.g. the adaptation of administrative structures, the mobilisation of civil society, or the SEAP monitoring process) and to the financing of actions are often described in general terms, without presenting tailor-made strategies. Good practices identified in the 14 SEAPs are presented in the report.