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The News section provides the most recent news and announcements on related energy issues, as well as interviews with key stakeholders in the energy field and regular articles on SET-Plan activities and related low-carbon technologies.

The European Commission’s Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) has been successful in promoting investment in new energy technologies and fostering the emergence of new markets. However, the... read more
The extent to which the wave and tidal energy sectors will meet their 2020 objectives will be in direct proportion to the political will to advance existing technologies, according to a study by the... read more
Four of the biggest players in the ocean energy sector have joined Ocean Energy Europe as lead sponsors. By lending their support, GDF SUEZ, Scottish Development International (SDI), ScottishPower... read more
In a last minute addition to the European Council's conclusions1, European Heads of State and Governments underlined the need for a supportive EU framework for advancing renewable energies. At a... read more
The SET Plan has recognised that one of the key elements in supporting energy technology innovation at EU level is the availability and mobilisation of appropriately skilled human resources. The... read more