Strategic Energy Technologies Information System

SmartGrids Strategic Deployment Document finalised

The SmartGrids Strategic Deployment Document (SDD) is the third in a series of reports produced by the SmartGrids Technology Platform. The first document, 'Vision and Strategy for Europe’s Electricity Networks of the Future', set out the need for and vision of the future European electricity networks.

The second, 'Strategic Research Agenda', consolidated the views ofstakeholders on the research priorities necessary to deliver thesenetworks. The first draft of the SDD from the SmartGrids ETP becameavailable in November 2008 and was finalised in April 2010.

These documents were internationally recognised and wereinstrumental in putting smart electricity grids on the world politicalagenda.

This final SDD completes the series and focuses on the deployment ofnew network technologies and the delivery of the SmartGrids Vision.

For further information and to download the SDD: