Energy Efficiency in the Pulp and Paper Industry

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The News section provides the most recent news and announcements on related energy issues, as well as interviews with key stakeholders in the energy field and regular articles on SET-Plan activities and related low-carbon technologies.

Nuclear power, hydropower and wind energy have the lowest life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions among all the power generation sources, according to The Nuclear Technology Review 2014, published... read more
Nuclear power enhances Europe’s energy security and the sector should be expanded with support from a variety of fuel suppliers. According to an in-depth study of European energy security, issued by... read more
The EU’s amended Nuclear Safety Directive was officially adopted in July, providing more power and independence for national regulatory authorities, a high-level EU-wide safety objective, and a... read more
The Implementing Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste Technology Platform (IDG TP) has published its Master Deployment Plan 2014, the goal of which is to outline and steer cooperative actions... read more
The FP7-Euratom project NUGENIA-PLUS, with the support of the Nuclear Generation II & III Association NUGENIA, one of the three technology pillars of the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology... read more