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Presentation of the SET Plan in Athens. Active participation of public and private actors


The Directorate-General for Energy, in collaboration with the Institute of Zero Energy Buildings(INZEB), organised an event in Athens on Thursday 12th on July in order to present  the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan).

SET Plan has been the pillar for research and innovation in the EU's energy and climate policy since 2007. It  has been revised in 2015 to be effectively aligned with the priorities for EU energy research and innovation and it plays currently a vital role in coordinating and successfully implementing the European Com­mission’s Energy Union Research and Innovation (R&I) strategy.

The main purpose of the SET Plan is to coordinate low- carbon research and innovation activities between the  EU Member States as well as non-EU countries such as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. Additionally , SET Plan contributes to the configuration of European and national energy  research programs and supports significant investment in low-carbon technologies.

The purpose of the meeting in Athens was to inform interested parties about the cooperation schemes among the actors from the  countries participating  in the  SET Plan, as well as the  possibilities the SET Plan offers to the  research community both in terms of funding and available resources. Ms. Andy Kontoudakis, Policy Officer, presented the SET Plan on behalf of European Commission's Directorate-General for Energy (DG Energy).

Representatives from Greek public authorities, the research community, consultancies and start-up companies, dealing with research and innovation, participated in the meeting and debated  the advantages associated with a potential stronger participation of Greece in the SET Plan.