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European business calls for binding 2030 energy savings targets


The European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE), with the support of a group of European companies, sent a letter to European President José Manuel Barroso and key Commissioners at the start of December, calling for a binding EU energy savings target for 2030.

The letter stressed that Europe should lead on ‘least energy’ as a driver of innovation and competitiveness, adding that the time had come to commit to setting a mandatory and binding target for energy savings for 2030, without which the continued competition for limited and increasingly expensive energy resources would threaten the pillars of European prosperity.

Within this context, the signatories stressed that energy efficiency is a key element in Europe’s arsenal in the fight against rising energy prices, energy dependence and climate change, while at the same time providing opportunities for innovation and job creation. The letter claims that a 30% efficiency target by 2030 would correspond to $335 billion (EUR 245 billion) of energy cost savings: equivalent to 2.7% of EU GDP in 2011. This target would also create an additional 1.1 million jobs inside the EU, as employment shifts from energy production outside the EU to efficiency-related jobs across EU Member States.

In the letter, the EU-ASE stresses its support for amendments in the European Parliament that call for a 40% mandatory energy savings target in the report on a 2030 framework for climate and energy policies and it also calls for a similar binding target in the Commission Communication expected in early 2014.

Pointing out that companies build factories and invest in R&D where there is demand, the signatories stressed that now is the time to build demand in Europe by sending a strong signal about the role of energy efficiency in the 2030 climate and energy package. “Without a binding target for energy savings, companies will not have the certainty needed to invest and expand to build a world-beating industry in Europe,” the letter said.

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