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The News section provides the most recent news and announcements on related energy issues, as well as interviews with key stakeholders in the energy field and regular articles on SET-Plan activities and related low-carbon technologies.


The winners of the 4th Global District Energy Climate Awards were announced at a ceremony during the Euroheat & Power Congress in Tallinn, Estonia on 27 April.

The winner in the New... read more


French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy Ségolène Royale has announced the creation of GEODEEP, a new EUR 50-million risk insurance fund dedicated to deep geothermal energy... read more


The Dutch project MijnWater, which is investigating how water in the abandoned coal mines of Oranje Nassau could be used as a geothermal source for the sustainable low-exergy heating and cooling... read more


Geothermal district heating is continuing to show dynamic development in Europe, with eight new systems becoming operational in 2014, adding 76.2 MWth to installed capacity, according to the 4th... read more


The energy system in the European Union is on the verge of a revolution, with major changes in the way electricity is produced, transmitted and used, EU Commissioner for Climate Action &... read more


Renewable energy is taking centre stage in the European Commission’s Energy Union action plan and renewables will underpin each and every dimension of the Union, European Commissioner for Climate... read more


On March 26, the European Commission launched a public consultation on the preparation of a legislative proposal regarding greenhouse gas emission targets for each Member State for the sectors not... read more


In 2011, specialised construction activities that include renovation work and energy retrofits employed three times as many people as energy supply to meet the needs of buildings for the same... read more


The NER 300 programme is one of the world's largest programmes for the support of innovative low-carbon technologies. It covers pre-commercial projects of both renewable energy (RES) and carbon... read more


The European Commission has published its strategy on Energy Union, with which it aims to achieve a robust energy union in Europe and adopt a forward-looking policy on climate change. The Energy... read more


The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) has held a public consultation on the future role of the distribution system operator (DSO), in which all interested stakeholders were invited to... read more


Nuclear power is the largest source of low-carbon electricity in OECD countries, with an 18% overall share of electricity production in 2013, and is in second place globally with an 11% share,... read more


The deadline for applications for the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards has been extended to March 16. EU-funded projects are encouraged to participate in the competition, which is open to... read more


ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus has launched a call for proposals for European transnational projects on smart grids. As part of the call, European research consortia are invited to submit project... read more


Europe needs to cut its emissions and reduce its dependency on imported gas and fuel, and transport needs to play its part in this process, European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy... read more


The European offshore wind industry saw new capacity installations decline by 84 MW (5.34%) in 2014 as the sector stabilised following record figures the previous year, according to a... read more


The report presents the state of play of geothermal energy in Europe and focuses on three forms of it currently in use: ground source heat pumps (GSHP) with 14.9 GW, direct use with 3 GW and... read more


The ETRI 2014 report presents a comprehensive and up-to-date cost and performance overview of the European energy technology portfolio for the period 2010 to 2050. It focuses on electricity... read more


The latest issue of the SETIS Magazine, dedicated to Materials for Energy, has been published.The editorial for the... read more


The Comprehensive Trade and Economic Agreement (CETA) between the European Union and Canada should strengthen supplies of raw materials to the EU market. Once implemented, the agreement is... read more