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Agreement reached on SET-Plan Action 8 – Renewable Fuels and Bioenergy


An agreement on strategic targets and priorities in Action 8 of the Integrated SET-Plan dedicated to " Strategic Targets for bioenergy and renewable fuels needed for sustainable transport solutions in the context of an Initiative for Global Leadership in Bioenergy" was reached by the SET Plan Steering Group members and relevant stakeholders at the SET Plan Steering Group meeting on 16 November 2016. All relevant, research and industry stakeholders from public and private sector in cooperation with EU Member States and countries part of the SET Plan, agreed to put forward highly ambitious targets in an endeavour to diversify and strengthen energy options for sustainable transport in what concerns market take-up of renewable fuels and, to gain global leadership and cost reductions for bioenergy. This "Declaration of intent" represent the first step to implement the 10 actions of the SET-Plan that will jointly address all relevant issues in order to attain the agreed targets.