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Low Carbon Energy Technologies

Low Carbon Energy Technologies

A number of energy technologies have been identified as key instrument to Europe’s efforts in decarbonising EU energy sector and increasing energy efficiency. The SET Plan focuses on those low-carbon technologies that have the highest innovation potential for delivering cost reductions and improvement of performance quickly, and which can contribute in this way to the decarbonisation of the European energy system. This will help the EU to achieve its ambitious 2020 and 2030 energy and climate goals that have been set.

The SET Plan also addresses the technologies that will facilitate the integration of low-carbon technologies into the European energy system. All the R&I actions will contribute towards maintaining or regaining the EU's global industrial leadership in low-carbon technologies and energy efficiency, by strengthening partnerships among national governments, industry and research actors.

In this section you can find all relevant information on these strategic energy technologies, along with the latest related JRC/SETIS reports and news. Here you can also find useful links to European partnerships that contribute to achieve the SET Plan Implementation Plans.