SET-Plan 10 Key Actions

Renewable Fuels and Bioenergy (ongoing work)


This public consultation process is dedicated to “Diversify and strengthen energy options for sustainable transport” and focuses on Actions 8 including aspects of bioenergy of the SET Plan Communication (C(2015)6317 – Towards an Integrated Strategic Energy Technology Plan):

  • Action 8: Strengthen market take-up of renewable fuels needed for sustainable transport solutions, and Bioenergy cost reductions aspects

In order to initiate this consultation, and on the basis of the SET Plan Integrated Roadmap, the European Commission has developed Issues Papers that address renewable fules for transport. Stakeholders were invited to provide their comments in the form of "input papers" by Wednesday, 9 November 2016, taking position on the proposed targets/priorities in accordance with the guidelines set out in the document in the box underneath.


Any SET-Plan country or stakeholder's organisation interested in joining the temporary working groups to deliver implementation plans is kindly invited to inform the SET-Plan Secretariat (