Strategic Energy Technologies Information System

SET-Plan 10 Key Actions

Energy Efficiency in Industry

In September 2015, the Commission’s Communication (C(2015)6317) defined a roadmap for accelerating the European energy System Transformation through an Integrated Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan consisting of ten key actions. 
Action 6 is dedicated to: "Making EU industry less energy and resources intensive, more carbon-neutral and competitive”
On the basis of the SET Plan Integrated Roadmap, the European Commission developed an Issues Paper that addressed the R&I challenges for developing and strengthening energy in industry and initiated a public consultation of SET Plan countries and relevant research and industrial stakeholders. 
Following meetings and exchanges, an agreement on common targets was reached that took the form of a Declaration of Intent (DoI), which was endorsed by the Steering Group on 15th April 2016


Energy Efficiency in Industry - Implementation

Implementation plan: 
In September 2016, interested Member states/Associated countries, stakeholders and the European Commission held the kick-off meeting of the SET Plan temporary working group (TWG) on continuing efforts to make industry less energy intensive and more competitive. 
The Implementation plan was then endorsed by the SET Plan Steering Group members at the meeting held on 14 November 2017.
The Implementation plan is currently under revision and will be updated in the course of 2021. 
To realise the priorities of the Implementation Plan, the structure of the group evolved into an Implementation Working Group (IWG6), consisting of Country Representatives, industry representatives and European Commission Services. The IWG6 consists of the following thematic groups (TGs): Iron & Steel, Chemicals, Heat and Cold technologies, system integration, Cement (created in 2020) and Pulp & Paper (created in 2020). The mission of the IWG6 is to support the identification and implementation of projects, to review the Implementation Plan, in addressing any new priorities identified and in supporting the collection of recommendations on EU R&I and regulatory frameworks.
Updates from the Working Group: 
Ongoing activities: 

The IWG6 is engaged in different activities:

  • Development of project ideas, to be financed through either national or EU support;
  • Revision, update and monitoring of the SET Plan Action 6 Implementation Plan;
  • Monitor the progress of on-going R&I projects at National and European level;
  • Identification of areas of interest for specific R&I activities within the scope of the SET Action 6;
  • Identification of potential funding sources for R&I activities and projects at national and EU level;
  • Bringing together stakeholders and Member States through meetings and networking events to discuss and exchange experiences on common non-technical barriers towards project implementation, funding and to develop ideas on possible recommendations to overcome such obstacles 


Any SET-Plan country or stakeholder's organisation interested in joining the temporary working groups to deliver implementation plans is kindly invited to inform the SET-Plan Secretariat (