SET-Plan 10 Key Actions

Energy Efficiency in Buildings (ongoing work)


In February 2016, the public consultation process was dedicated to the 3rd Energy Union Research, Innovation and Competitiveness common priority for "efficient energy systems, and harnessing technology to make the building stock energy neutral". This time, it focused on Action 5 of the SET Plan Communication (C(2015)6317):

  • Action 5: "Develop new materials and technologies for, and the market uptake of, energy efficiency solutions for buildings"

To initiate this public consultation, and on the basis of the SET Plan Integrated Roadmap, the European Commission developed an Issues Paper that addressed the R&I challenges for developing and strengthening energy efficiency in buildings. The first draft of this Issues Paper was subsequently sent, at the end of January 2016, to SET Plan countries and relevant research and industrial stakeholders requesting them to take position on the proposed targets/priorities, in accordance with the guidelines set out in the document entitled ''the SET Plan actions – Implementation process and expected outcomes'' (see box below).

Relevant stakeholders and SET Plan countries were invited to provide their initial comments for this first public consultation round in the form of "input papers" by 15th February 2016. During a dedicated Steering Group meeting on 15th March 2016, invited stakeholders and SET Plan countries held their first discussion on this Issues Paper. Following this meeting, the exchanges continued and reached an agreement on common targets that took the form of a Declaration of Intent. At the Steering Group meeting of 15th April 2016, the Declaration of Intent for energy efficiency in buildings was endorsed.

Due to the importance of heating and cooling technologies, in policy terms, within the new energy legislative package (the 2016 Energy Union winter package), the European Commission proposed to add an additional Declaration of Intent under SET Plan Action 5 on ''cross-cutting technologies for heating and cooling in buildings''. A first draft of the relevant Issues Paper was shared with SET Plan countries and relevant research and industrial stakeholders during the public consultation round. They were requested to provide comments on the proposed targets/priorities by 21st October 2016. Based on the replies and reactions received, a draft Declaration of Intent (DoI) was discussed at the Steering Group meeting of 16th November 2016. Following a final round of comments, the DoI for crosscutting technologies on heating and cooling in buildings was finally endorsed on 25th November 2016.

Energy Efficiency Solutions for Buildings

Implementation plan: 

In June 2017, interested Member states/Associated countries, stakeholders and the European Commission held the kick off meeting of the SET Plan temporary working group (TWG) on Energy Efficiency solutions for buildings-Renewable Heating and Cooling. This TWG has met regularly times during this year to draft an Implementation plan that will contain concrete R&I activities, and will propose relevant funding opportunities for their realization, which are considered essential for achieving the agreed set of targets. The TWG is chaired by national representatives from Germany and co-chaired by 2 different stakeholders that lead each of the 2 sub-topics identified: the European Construction Technology Platform and the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating & Cooling. The Implementaion plan was then ensorsed by the SET Plan Steering Group members at the meeting held on 21 November 2018 in the context of the SET Plan Conference 2018.

Any SET-Plan country or stakeholder's organisation interested in joining the temporary working groups to deliver implementation plans is kindly invited to inform the SET-Plan Secretariat (