SET-Plan 10 Key Actions

Batteries for e-Mobility and Stationary Storage (ongoing work)


This public consultation process is dedicated to “Diversify and strengthen energy options for sustainable transport” and focuses on Action 7 of the SET Plan Communication (C(2015)6317 – Towards an Integrated Strategic Energy Technology Plan):

  • Action 7: Become competitive in the global battery sector to drive e-mobility forward

In order to initiate this consultation, and on the basis of the SET Plan Integrated Roadmap, the European Commission has developed Issues Papers that address batteries for e-mobility. Stakeholders were invited to provide their comments in the form of "input papers" by Wednesday 25 May 2016 (for Action 7), taking position on the proposed targets/priorities in accordance with the guidelines set out in the document in the box underneath.

Any SET-Plan country or stakeholder's organisation interested in joining the temporary working groups to deliver implementation plans is kindly invited to inform the SET-Plan Secretariat (