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High voltage direct current (HVDC) & direct current (DC) technologies Temporary Working Group

About the TWG

The SET Plan High voltage direct current (HVDC) & direct current (DC) technologies TWG brings together stakeholders of the energy sector (transmission system operators, HVDC systems manufacturers, wind turbines manufacturers, wind farm developers, etc.) to join forces in identifying the needs and pathways for the development and deployment of HVDC and DC technologies in the EU.

The TWG on HVDC and DC technologies helps to align ongoing research, development and innovation actions at the national and EU level and develop new joint actions. It also raises interest in DC systems and related power electronics at the national and EU level to support this key technology for the energy transition. Finally, it increases collaboration and coordination with the SET Plan countries and ensures their active involvement in the EU technology development.

About the high-voltage direct current (HVDC) & DC technologies

There has been a substantial development of these technologies in the past decade.

The HVDC and DC technologies will play an important role on the renewable energy sources integration in the EU energy system, according to the stakeholders of the energy sector. For instance, innovative HDVC technologies are fundamental to integrate the offshore electricity generated in line with the objectives of the EU strategy on offshore renewable energy. Thus, these technologies will contribute to the attainment of the Green Deal objectives by 2030 and 2050.

Main goals

  1. foster productive exchanges and collaboration between the SET Plan countries to facilitate funding streams for HVDC and DC technologies research at the national and regional level
  2. inform members about policy developments and relevant funding opportunities at the European level
  3. collect information from the SET Plan countries on their national progress on HVDC and DC technologies-related projects for SET Plan purposes
  4. allow SET Plan countries to share their best practices in fostering HVDC and DC technologies research and innovation. 

Composition of the TWG

The TWG is composed of the following members:

  • representatives of Industrial Associations
  • representatives of regional and national authorities in charge of research, innovation, education, climate action, and  energy in the following SET Plan countries:
Denmark (Co-chair)
Belgium (Co-chair)
Czech Republic
Iceland (AC)
Norway (AC)
Turkey (AC)