Strategic Energy Technologies Information System

Synergies and specific issues

Due to the necessary combination of a range of energy technologies into the future energy mix, several technology roadmaps have prioritised integrating activities. An obvious case is the supply of inherently variable energy sources such as solar and wind into the electricity network, which is addressed in the EII on electricity grid as well as in the relevant technology-specific EIIs. Although currently these activities have been formulated independently, discussions have started between the respective sectors to enhance their coordination, which may take the form of common actions.

It is also noted that, most of the Initiatives focus on delivering cost effective technologies to contribute to the achievement of the 2020 policy goals. However, it is apparent that the scope of their programme extends to 2050 as illustrated by the consideration of long term research activities. In particular, the EII on nuclear fission focuses on the development of a new generation of reactors for the post-2020 horizon. Due consideration of these long-term specific issues needs to be made when progressing towards the implementation of the EIIs.