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  • Show kpi and synergy categoryKey Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide sectorial research targets for each of the European Industrial Initiatives (EII) associated with the SET-Plan. They are used to monitor and review the overall progress of an EII, and of the individual research, development and demonstration (RDD) activities performed in frame of its implementation.

    Synergies are research areas and actions that are prioritised by each of the European Industrial Initiatives.
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Acronym: GENIUS IV
Total project budget: €5,000,000.00
Duration: 11/2009 to 12/2013
Main Theme: Nuclear fission
SET-Plan technologies: Nuclear
Acronym: Smart Grid Gotland
Total project budget: €10,400,000.00
Duration: 09/2012 to 12/2015
SET-Plan technologies:
Acronym: Smart Grid Hyllie
Total project budget: €21,000,000.00
Duration: 01/2012 to 12/2015
SET-Plan technologies:
English title: Salix molecular breeding activites
Acronym: SAMBA2
Total project budget: €1,797,774.00
Duration: 11/2011 to 06/2015
Main Theme: Bioenergy
SET-Plan technologies: Bioenergy
English title: Pellet platform 2
Acronym: Pellet platform 2
Total project budget: €1,411,000.00
Duration: 12/2011 to 06/2015
Main Theme: Biofuels
SET-Plan technologies: Bioenergy