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Thematic Research Summaries

The Thematic Research Summaries provide an overview of innovative research results relevant to each of the 45 themes which have been identified as of particular interest to policymakers and researchers. They are drawn up so as to provide specific information about: particular themes, present research results and their immediate implications, and to summarise the policy implications of individual research projects’ results.
Each Thematic Research Summary comprises a section describing the issues relevant to the theme, a synthesis of findings from completed projects and their implications for further research, and “Technology mapping” and “Capacities Mapping” sections which show how the project relate to the SET-Plan.

Despite efforts to increase the share of renewables in the European energy mix, fossil fuels account for the largest share of Europe’s total electricity generation capacity, in both the short and medium terms, and will continue to do so. Fossil-fuelled power plants are consequently the biggest contributor to CO read more

Smart city solutions and initiatives hold a great deal of potential for fulfilling the Europe 2020 Strategy’s targets for employment, research and development (R&D) and innovation, climate change and energy, education, poverty and social exclusion. This Thematic Research Summary (TRS) aims to provide an read more

Interest in bioenergy has been increasing in response to concerns about the security of energy supply and the climate impacts associated with use of fossil fuel energy. Bioenergy is also seen as a tool to stimulate rural development and provide new markets for the agricultural and forestry sectors. European Union read more

The aim of the present Thematic Research Summary (TRS) is to give a structured review of research activities carried out in Europe with regard to transportation fuels derived from biomass.

The TRS contains information on projects that have been financed by the EU or by national funding programmes of the read more

Cogeneration itself is not priority technology of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) but according to the Technology Roadmap 2013, it represents one of the technologies for achieving Europe’s ambitious climate and energy targets by 2020 and beyond.

This Thematic Research Summary read more

Concentrated solar power (CSP) technology encompasses a number of different technologies, with varying degrees of maturity. In terms of geometry and the arrangement of the concentrator with respect to the receiver, there are four main system types: parabolic trough collectors, central receivers, linear Fresnel read more

This Thematic Research Summary deals with Decision Support for Energy Policies and Market Uptake studies. The focus is on projects funded under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), providing brief descriptions of research findings, budget information, Research and Development (R&D) challenges, etc. It covers read more

This Thematic Research Summary (TRS) provides an overview of RD&D on energy efficiency in buildings based on recent research project results. The first part of the TRS includes a brief analysis of the scope of the theme and summarises the main policy developments at EU level.

The focus in this read more

Energy efficiency in industry encompasses a large and broad number of subjects and technologies. A set of sub-themes has been defined, encompassing these technologies and based on the identified projects at national and EU-levels that cover most of the efforts undertaken to decrease energy consumption in industry read more

This Thematic Research Summary deals with Energy Savings in Appliances and focuses on research work aimed at improving the performance of appliances that use energy. In this context, appliances are products that use, convert, or measure energy, such as boilers, computers, white goods and TVs. Aspects covered under read more

This Thematic Research Summary (TRS) is designed to provide an overview of innovative research results relevant to the research fields of energy storage, small-scale electricity storage, and hydropower.

The document summarises the research findings of nearly 70 selected projects, at national and European read more

While fossil fuels, mainly coal and natural gas for power generation, will retain an essential role in the short and medium term, CO2 capture and storage (CCS) must be considered as a promising technological option to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to the atmosphere from the power read more

Geothermal energy is a reliable and flexible source of renewable energy extracted from heat present naturally in the earth’s crust. It is recognised as a pivotal contributor to Europe’s energy mix, capable of providing continuous heat/cold production almost everywhere. Geothermal energy has been used since ancient read more

In 2010 heat accounted for 47% of the final energy consumption of the European Union and, according to the Renewable Heating and Cooling Platform (RHC Platform), 50% of this demand could be met from renewable technologies by 2030. On the other hand, increasing demand for cooling has already resulted in summer read more

The present Thematic Research Summary (TRS) covers research in Europe related to nuclear fission. The TRS addresses national research programmes in countries of the EU, but does not present a comprehensive survey of all research related to nuclear fission in Europe. Neither does it present a country specific survey read more

Generally speaking, energy for transport can be supplied through a large number of different paths. Future transport energy demand, therefore, needs to be assessed through a comprehensive approach that also considers other industrial and civil uses of energy.

This Thematic Research Summary covers energy read more

Photovoltaic (PV) comprises a number of technologies and devices at various stages of commercial availability/maturity that can be combined in different ways. As a consequence, PV R&D is focused on a number of different areas, including atmospheric physics, optics, materials, chemistry, thermal process, process read more

Smart district heating and cooling (DHC), as a cross-cutting R&D field, includes the R&D issues of heating and cooling technologies based on different energy sources, such as thermal energy distribution and storage, energy efficiency issues on the demand and supply side, as well as the support of ICT and read more

The present Thematic Research Summary (TRS) deals with smart electricity distribution grids and related information and communication technologies (ICT) support. The first part of this TRS includes a brief analysis of the scope of the theme and a policy review summarising the main policy developments at EU level. read more

The decarbonisation of energy supply with an increasing share of intermittent renewable power (RES-E) production presents European transmission and distribution grid operators with a number of research and development (R&D) challenges. These are addressed at the European level through the European Electricity read more

The present Thematic Research Summary (TRS) deals with social acceptability and human behaviour in relation to energy technologies. In this TRS, the most relevant research projects, whether funded by the EU or at Member State level, are reviewed.

The purpose of the TRS is to identify and trace the read more