Energy Research Knowledge Centre


The ERKC portal provides a thematically classified and comprehensive database of EU and national energy research programmes. These are presented in a unique structure based on advanced Web technologies, allowing users to search the ERKC and external databases from a single interface. Currently, some 300 energy research programmes and the same number of projects are listed. The aim is to successively increase the project entries to 6,000; of which over 400 will feature detailed descriptions and analyses of project results, many of them with final reports or other relevant documentation included.


Variety of publications

The ERKC project offers a wide range of publications focused on the challenges that energy research faces as well as showcasing the various ways in which new ideas are being implemented.
With a series of thematic research summaries and policy brochures, we provide energy research policymakers, decision-makers and researchers with high-quality information about energy research activities and their results throughout Europe, thus offering them a greater insight into the impact and implications of energy research for related policy.