Energy Research Knowledge Centre

About ERKC

The EU is committed to significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time ensuring the EU's security of energy supply and competitiveness. Focus on development of low-carbon energy technologies is thus crucial. However, the necessary information and relevant data on the extensive array of the energy research and innovation programmes and projects is currently fragmented and dispersed. It is often difficult to get a clear overview of the corresponding activities at the EU, member state and private sector levels.
The Energy Research Knowledge Centre (ERKC) helps to bridge this information gap. It collects and organises validated, referenced information on energy research programmes and projects as well as their results and analyses from across the EU and beyond.
Access to energy research knowledge is vastly improved through the ERKC, allowing it to be exploited in a timely manner and used across the EU, thus also increasing the pace of further innovation. It also facilitates the Strategic Energy Technologies Information System’s (SETIS) efforts to analyse trends in energy research activities at national and European level, derive thematic analyses and policy recommendations from the aggregated project results and provide a platform for Europe’s energy research community.
The objective of the ERKC is that all relevant energy research programmes and projects, whether funded by the EU or on member-state level, are fully disseminated via its outlets. We hope that the ERKC portal will prove to be a valuable information source on the wealth of energy research funding institutions and mechanisms.

ERKC portal offers:

  • high quality information about energy research actors, funding and activities throughout Europe free of charge
  • a community of stakeholders, decision-makers and relevant civil society
  • high quality scientific content subjected to scientific and editorial quality control
  • a unique and vast searchable database of EU and national energy research activities and results presented in a unique thematic structure
  • a permanent and powerful search interface of programmes, projects, analyses and policy recommendations.