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Specific report

Clean energy technologies in coal regions


Publication date
1 January 2020
Joint Research Centre


This report presents a concise overview of the role that clean energy technologies can play for the identified regions in the path to their transition from coal mining activity under a low carbon energy consumption and production lence. The focus is on power generation technologies from wind, solar photovoltaics (free standing and roof-top), bioenergy, geothermal sources, as well as on coal-fired power plants with carbon capture. We also address energy demand technologies and specifically assess the potential for energy efficiency refurbishments in buildings. Energy storage is dealt with presenting activities relevant to batteries, to give an insight on planned or ongoing activities within coal regions. The report summarises the main findings across regions, complemented by one detailed fact sheet per region. Estimates on the renewable energy and clean energy technology potential in each region are presented. We also assess the potential of technologies in terms of investments needs and the impact this could have on job creation and regional economic development. Renewable and clean energy technology options can be an alternative to the continuation of the current model for economic development, power generation and job creation in each region, in line with EU’s climate and energy targets.

Clean energy technologies in coal regions


Clean energy technologies in coal regions