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News article1 February 2024Joint Research Centre1 min read

Call for expression of interest to join the working group on Concentrated solar thermal technologies extended to non-concentrated technologies

The Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) is a key initiative to boost the transition towards a climate-neutral energy system through the development of low-carbon technologies in a fast and cost-competitive way.

Since 2016, the SET Plan implementation working group on concentrated solar thermal technologies (IWG CSTT) has brought together stakeholders, the European Commission and SET Plan countries to discuss the ambitious initiative of the European CST industry becoming a global leader in its field.

An important step is that the working group is now expanding its scope to non-concentrated solar thermal technologies to encompass the whole solar thermal energy sector.

Given the important share of heat in terms of energy needs for households (80%) or industry (70%), and in line with the EU Solar Energy Strategy launched in May 2022, adequate research and innovation will be secured through the working group so that solar thermal technologies continue to play their contribution to address those needs, together with other solutions.

In view of the expansion to non-concentrated solar thermal technologies, we would therefore like to invite all relevant stakeholders to join this working group, whether from industry, research institutes, academia, civil society, and bring their expertise on those technologies.

Please express your interest by replying to this survey no later than 1 March 2024.


Publication date
1 February 2024
Joint Research Centre