Strategic Energy Technologies Information System


Industrial Initiatives

These EIIs supplement two earlier initiatives, which have already been implemented: Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiative and the European Fusion research programme (with the international project ITER as its flagship).

SETIS supports the SET-Plan implementation in contributing to the definition of these EIIs, together with the stakeholders, and in defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be used to review and monitor each EII's progress.

EIIs are joint large scale technology development projects between academia, research and industry. The goal of the EIIs is to focus and align the efforts of the Community, Member States and industry in order to achieve common goals and to create a critical mass of activities and actors, thereby strengthening industrial energy research and innovation on technologies for which working at the Community level will add most value.

The Industrial Initiatives within the SET-Plan are:

  • Wind (The European Wind Initiative)
  • Solar (The Solar Europe Initiative - photovoltaic and concentrated solar power)
  • Electricity Grids (The European Electricity Grid Initiative)
  • Carbon Capture & Storage (The European CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage Initiative)
  • Nuclear Fission (The Sustainable Nuclear Initiative)
  • Bio-energy (The European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative)
  • Smart Cities (Energy Efficiency - The Smart Cities Initiative)


  • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (Joint Technology Initiative)
  • Nuclear Fusion (International + Community Programme - ITER)