Strategic Energy Technologies Information System

Actions towards implementing the Integrated SET Plan

The Integrated SET Plan, defines the new European R&I energy related Agenda covering the European energy system as a whole and going beyond the 'technology silos' concept. Since the publication of the relevant communication in 2015, the Integrated SET Plan set ambitious R&I targets in each of its 10 priorities, through a widely participatory process that included national governments, industry and research actors, involving 154 umbrella organisations that represent 16 700 entities. The aim of these targets is to accelerate the decarbonisation of the energy system and the transport sector by making technologies cost-effective and better-performing. By reaching these targets, Europe will be placed at the forefront of the next generation of low-carbon energy technologies and will tackle the energy efficiency potential, creating jobs, economic growth and increasing its competitiveness. It will also positively impact the well-being of European citizens. The SET Plan provides the overall framework for promoting strengthened cooperation in R&I between the EU, Member States (including Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey), and stakeholders (research and industry sectors), in order to step up the efforts to bring new, efficient and cost-competitive low-carbon technologies faster to the market and deliver the energy transition in a cost-competitive way.


In particular, the Integrated SET Plan:

  • Through its 10 key actions it addresses the whole innovation chain, from basic research to market uptake, both in terms of financing as well as in terms of regulatory framework for these actions. Bases its assessment on the energy system needs and on their importance for the energy system transformation and their potential to create growth and jobs in the EU.
  • Adapts the existing governance structure to ensure an effective interaction among SET Plan countries and stakeholders.
  • Proposes to measure progress as part of the annual reporting of the State of the Energy Union via overall Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), such as the level of investment in R&I, as well as specific KPI’s to measure progress on the performance and cost-reduction for the priorities.

Through this section, SETIS will be making available information related to the implementation of the SET Plan, and in particular:

  • Implementation Plans,
  • key documents associated with the implementation of the 10 key Actions (including thematic consultations with the relevant stakeholders in the respective technology areas),
  • related Communications and the relations between them, and
  • relevant information on the meeting held with stakeholders to implement the new SET Plan governance model (see below). Click on the links underneath to find out more.