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Nuclear Fission Power

Nuclear fission energy is a competitive and mature low-carbon technology, operating to high levels of safety within the EU. Most of the current designs are Light Water Reactors (LWR), capable of providing base-load electricity often with availability factors of over 90%. The ageing of Europe’s nuclear reactors and the requirements for secure, cost efficient and low-carbon energy systems will require a substantial investment in construction and development of nuclear reactors.

Nuclear Fission Power Technology - Latest content

Atoms for the Future 2014

13/10/2014 to 16/10/2014

Following the success of Atoms for the Future 2013, which brought together more than 250 young professionals from all over the world, the French Nuclear Energy Society Young Generation (SFEN JG) network will hold the 5th edition of the event in Paris on 13 - 16 October 2014. This year’s conference will be dedicated to the design, licensing and construction of nuclear power plants (NPPs).

European Research Reactor Conference 2015

19/04/2015 to 23/04/2015

The European Research Reactor Conference RRFM is to be held in Bucharest, Romania in 2015. The conference programme will revolve around a series of plenary sessions dedicated to the latest global developments in research reactor technology and management.  Parallel sessions will focus on all areas of the fuel cycle of research reactors, their utilisation, operation and management as well as new research reactor projects and innovative methods in reactor physics and thermo-hydraulics.

Top Fuel 2015

13/09/2015 to 17/09/2015

TopFuel is an annual meeting organised by the European Nuclear Society (ENS), the American Nuclear Society, the Atomic Energy Society of Japan, the Chinese Nuclear Society and the Korean Nuclear Society. TopFuel’s primary objective is to bring together leading specialists in the field from around the world to analyse advances in nuclear fuel management technology and to use the findings of the latest cutting-edge research to help manufacture the high performance nuclear fuels of tomorrow.

International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning

28/10/2014 to 30/10/2014

The International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning is targeted at nuclear plant operators and companies involved in planning, implementing and supervising decommissioning projects. The closure and decommissioning of nuclear power plants presents a major challenge in terms of planning and authorization. In the coming decade several nuclear power plants will be shut down for a variety of reasons. This creates a need for optimized well-coordinated decommissioning strategies.

World Nuclear Exhibition

14/10/2014 to 16/10/2014

The WNE will be a worldwide platform for the entire nuclear energy sector, dedicated to sharing, sourcing and doing business on a global scale. The exhibition will provide an opportunity for companies of all sizes to display their know-how and skills in all areas of the nuclear energy industry. It will be a place to share experiences, with exhibition spaces, technical workshops, networking receptions, conferences on the latest developments and visits to sites of particular technological interest.