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Integrated Roadmap

The process for the development of the Integrated Roadmap continued with the kick-off meeting of the Working Group organised on 1st October 2013, in Brussels and chaired by the JRC/SETIS. The Working Group is tasked to formulate the content of the different parts of the Integrated Roadmap.

On 17th September 2013, the development of the Integrated Roadmap was initiated with a kick off meeting in Brussels, chaired by the Commission and attended by Member State representatives and experts, who comprise the Coordination Group with the responsibility to draft the Integrated Roadmap.

On 2nd May 2013, the Commission published a Communication setting out a strategy to enable the EU to have a world-class technology and innovation sector, fit for coping with the challenges up to 2020 and beyond. As part of the key measures put forward in this Communication is the development of an Integrated Roadmap under the guidance of the SET Plan Steering Group and based on expert-based input, which will incorporate the key principles and measures identified in the Communication.

The Integrated Roadmap will consolidate the (updated) technology roadmaps of the SET Plan while retaining the technology specificities; cover the entire research and innovation chain from basic research to demonstration and support for market roll-out; and identify clear roles and tasks for the various stakeholders such as the EERA, the EIIs, the EIT, relevant European PPPs and other stakeholders such as universities, investors and financiers, while promoting synergies and interactions between them.

The Integrated Roadmap will prioritise the development of innovative holistic solutions, which will respond to the needs of the European energy system by 2020, 2030 and beyond. In this frame, the Roadmap will address the entire energy system in an integrated way, including supply chains of the proposed innovative solutions and research and innovation chains consolidated at EU level.

Specifically, the Integrated Roadmap will put forward key research and innovation actions to be undertaken in the next 6 years. It will be the basis for EU, national and multi-Member State activities (the latter based on the variable geometry model), and can serve as well, as a basis for private investments in energy research and innovation.

The development of the Roadmap will be overseen by a Coordination Group as part of the SET-Plan Steering Group, with the drafting performed by a separate Working Group.

The drafting of the Integrated Roadmap is steered by the European Commission. JRC/SETIS is, in particular, in charge of its operational and scientific management. Member States are involved through the SET Plan Steering Group and their participation to the various expert groups on a voluntary basis. A Coordination Group supports the Commission in the drafting of the Integrated Roadmap and ensuring its overall coherence. The work of the Coordination Group is supported by a Working Group, chaired by JRC/SETIS, tasked to formulate the content of the different parts of the Integrated Roadmap.

See also: The Energy Technologies and Innovation Communication [COM(2013) 253 final]