Ocean wave energy: Technology Information Sheet

The Technology Information Sheet underneath is based on the 2011 Technology Map. We are in the proces of updating it according to the 2013 Technology Map. The updated Technology Information Sheet will be available in the upcoming weeks.

Ocean wave energy is mostly derived from a transfer of wind energy to the surface of the ocean. Due to the difference of properties in the energy carrier media (water), wave energy is less intermittent and more predictable than other renewable technologies such as wind, although forecasting techniques need improvement.

Oceans represent a huge, predictable resource for renewable energy.The main forms of ocean energy are waves, tides, marine currents,salinity gradient and temperature gradient. Wave and tidal energy arecurrently the most mature technologies. Wave energy is mostly derivedfrom a transfer of wind energy to the surface of the ocean. The energyis measured in terms of kilowatts per metre of wave front (kW/m) andcan be converted to electricity in a number of ways.