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New Application: ‘Photovoltaic Geographical Information System’ added to SETIS toolkit

Rapid growth of the photovoltaic (PV) market means that industry is constantly improving its record on energy production and financial feasibility. In Europe, large photovoltaic power plants (MW range) are present in Germany, Spain, Italy, France and the Netherlands, among others. Worldwide more than 250 large PV power plants with peak power 1 MWp or more are connected to the grid.

The Joint Research Centre’s online ‘Photovoltaic powercalculator’ ( a practical tool to help determine the costs and benefits ofphotovoltaic power systems. By inputting data such as the kind of PVtechnology (crystalline silicon, etc.), type of mounting setup(freestanding vs building integrated) and geographic location, theapplication calculates the associated PV performance. It also indicatesother factors, such as energy loss due to temperature, and other lossessuch as angular reflectance effects or cable interference. Users canalso analyse a PV system’s estimated monthly energy output with atypical electricity user's power consumption.

This PV power calculator, which is sourced from PV-Insider(see also, forother similarly, very useful maps on PV-installations per location),reflects current technology and electricity generation. Another websitesource highlighting similar information about photovoltaic efficiencybased on location is PV Resources ( users can also find general information about the basics of solarcells, the different types of systems and photovoltaic applications andPV capabilities per country.

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